Before and after TR pictures

Before and After TR pictures

Here is some of my TR works! The purpose I am posting so many photos is to give you an idea of the different condition, type and textures of hair that I work with to do a Japanese Hair Straightening/TR. I hope this has helped you in some way, good luck! Steve.

  • Client 1 - BeforeTR

  • Client 1 - After TR- Incredibly silky, smooth. Reach new heights! Create modern hair that is soft, natural looking and glamorous.

  • Client 2 - Before TR

  • Client 2 - After TR

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  • Client 3 - Before TR

  • Client 3 - After TR

  • Client 4 - Before TR

  • Client 4 - After TR

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  • Client 5 - Before TR

  • Client 5 - After TR

  • Client 6 - Before TR

  • Client 6 - After /TR

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  • Client 7 - Before /TR

  • Client 7 - After TR

  • Client 8- Before TR. If a TR stylist can take this hair and transform it to this... then he must be awesome! Incredible Beauty!

  • Client 8 - After TR

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  • Client 9 - Before TR

  • Client 9 - After TR Irresistibly touchable!

  • Client 10 - Before TR

  • Client 10 - After TR. Permanently resurfaced and smoothened - Feather-light, silk-like cuticle.

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  • Client 11 - Before TR

  • Client 11 - Magic! Total Beauty...Beauty Through Science. After Japanese Hair Straightening/TR...Once we own the information, we don't even have to think about the fundamentals, the mechanics or the disciplines. It's not that we don't utilize them; it's that we don't have to THINK about them. We use them instinctively. When we own the information, we automatically do it correctly. This is when we can truly be creative. Whether it's Michael Jordan sinking a basket, Albert Einstein theorizing a new mathematical equation or Leonardo Da Vinci creating a new masterpiece, they don't think about the text book way they learned to do their craft, they just do it!

  • Client 12 - Before TR The client’s front section is a bit wavy, but for the most part it is straight. However, the cuticles are bumpy and her hair has a rough texture to it. Japanese Hair Straightening will resurface the cuticles and make it soft, shiny and silky looking.

  • Client 12- After TR Noticeable difference! You can actually see the diameter of her hair is incredibly much smoother and much silkier - it’s feather-like!

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