Does TR work?

Does TR work?

Yes it works with the right hair texture/condition. However, TR is not a panacea that works on every type of hair. If the curl pattern is highly twisted, overly curly, it is not effective. If the hair is overly bleached or highlighted throughout the head, it should be avoided. Tints and semi-permanent hair color are not usually a problem. Highlights can be very tricky to work with. When hair is highlighted, the hair is multi-textured, the lightened hair is already chemically processed, and you will have unprocessed hair right next to it, so the hair right next to the highlighted hair may not be quite as straight as the highlighted hair. A prior consultation with your stylist is necessary to determine if Thermal Reconditioning will be a good choice for you and your hair.

Remember, TR was invented in Japan where the hair isn’t exactly curly. As far as the Asian hair type goes, Asians while seeming to be straight can often be very coarse and unruly and in need of serious taming. For a woman who is blow-drying her hair “straight every day” the investment in time/ money may be worth it. There are many salons offering inferior work and that is why you may hear some not so great things about TR. Properly done it is amazing, improperly done it is a nightmare and will leave the hair dry and brittle.

Which one is better? I find that the various systems differ pretty much in the external products and conditioning with the thermal process. Some feel better, look better but the effect comparing equal strengths is about the same. Japanese TR systems use the ceramide technology. Ceramide repairs damaged cuticles by replacing lost protein that holds the cuticles. By applying low heat for 3 to 5 minutes-these nourishments make hair strong and smooth. This is why some peoples TR feel better, look better.

The product I work with shows amazing results, in so far as to say the hair integrity is actually improved after use. The hair that has been processed is permanently straight and it lasts as long as it takes for your hair to grow back out and the curl pattern is noticeable. It’s long lasting, smooth, and generally in good condition.

So, does TR work for everybody?

Yes, it works with the right hair texture/condition. If the curl pattern is too twisted, it’s not effective.  The tighter your natural curl is, the less dramatic the result is. Japanese Hair Straightening/TR service is best done on virgin hair with excellent results. The service can be performed on previously color treated hair, or hair that has had minimal chemical treatments such as bleaching services. For a woman who is blow-drying her hair straight every day, the investment in time may be worth it. Once you experience the ease of styling, you'll never go back to blow drying your hair straight with a brush every morning. Japanese Hair Straightening/ Thermal Reconditioning/TR leave the hair completely without curl. To style, you can simply finger-blow dry and quickly smooth out with a flat iron for silky shiny tresses. Touch-up applications on the re-growth is necessary every 6 to 9 months; depending on the natural curl pattern of your hair.