The Science of Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning/TR and Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening.

The concept of creating a style with the aid of chemical straightener is not new, but certainly exciting. When properly applied to hair that is in good condition, these scientifically formulated straighteners can safely and successfully remove curl. Today, straighteners are available in many formulations and strengths for different hair types.

From smooth to sleek to straight, we’ve got the word on straight hair options. To help you decide in making a permanent decision you need a stylist who is experienced. Someone who is familiar with the service and have had worked with all types of chemical hair straightening procedures on different types of hair, and not only Japanese Hair Straightening/TR and Brazilian Hair Straightening/BKT.

When hair is overly curly or wavy it is difficult to manage. It has as anyone with this type of hair will agree “a mind of its own”. When confronted with this problem, Women and Men want to be able to style their hair more easily and more quickly. To reduce volume, relax curls and have healthy, supple shiny texture. Conventional (old technology, such as Curl Reducer) and unconventional (new technology, such as Japanese/TR and Brazilian/BKT) hair straightening systems are formulated to chemically reform or change the molecular structure of the hair in order to bring it to a more “controllable state”.

Permanent straightening is a method we use with increased frequency to transform our artistic vision based on the scientific approach into superior and striking hair designs. You know that it involves using chemical solutions to change the hair’s inner shape, to modify hair to a smoother shape, and add flexibility into a style. And you may be a bit wary of the process because it doesn’t always work.

TR and BKT procedure is fast becoming the hair straightening system of choice in high-profile salons and across the country. Hair straightening is a specialty field and the risk for damage is too great. Regardless of whether the salon is a reputable salon or not so reputable one must be very careful when choosing a stylist/salon as this process is very tricky and can give incredible results when done properly or damage the hair if it’s done incorrectly. As long as the technician is very skilled in, you will not have a problem.